7 Unique Herbs That You Should Try Right Now

7 Unique Herbs That You Should Try Right Now

Cecilia Estreich Jul 5 , 2016

Anise Hyssop


Although this fragrant herb smells and tastes like anise, you can tell from its appearance that it belongs to the mint family.  Its heady aroma and licorice-y flavor makes it a perfect complement to summer fruits and cocktails.  The herb retains its flavor even when dried and can be used to make a potent tea. 

Borage Blossom


These periwinkle blue flowers of the borage plant are native to the Mediterranean and are renowned for their medicinal properties.  They also taste remarkably like cucumber and make a refreshing garnish for salads and fish dishes. 

Herb Flower Mix


This mixture, from Eva’s Garden in Dartmouth, MA, can contain arugula flowers, borage blossoms, chive blossoms, lavender and brassica flowers depending on the season.  Makes an incredible addition to salads.

Wild Rose Petals


These wild-crafted rose petals from Eva Sommaripa are a rare treat during the summer months.  The rose is a member of the strawberry family and these petals have a distinctly fruity aroma.  Petals can be pickled or infused into syrups and jams.  They also make a refreshing sorbet.

Mountain Mint

Also known as wild basil and Virgina thyme, Mountain mint has a spicy, intensely minty flavor.  Ours is foraged by Eva in the fields around her farm.  The plant grows wild throughout the Northeast. 

African Blue Basil


African blue basil is one of the more than 200 varieties of herbs that Eva Sommaripa grows on her farm.  As its name suggests, it is of East African descent and it can be recognized by its strong camphor aroma. 

Fresh Wasabi


Grown in British Columbia according to traditional Japanese techniques, our fresh wasabi is as close as you can get to sawa quality wasabi outside of Japan.  To obtain the best flavor, texture and heat, we recommend grating ithe wasabi rhizome onto a traditional sharkskin grater or “oroshi”.  But, if you don’t happen to have one at the ready, a ceramic or stainless steel surface will do the trick as well! 

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