Welcome to the new and improved baldorfood.com!  We didn't want to live in a world where a drone could deliver groceries, but chefs were still placing orders by fax. So, we designed a website that combines the convenience of ecommerce with the industry expertise that we built our name on. The result is an online ordering platform that allows you to browse the profiles of our local farmers or to place an order in under 60 seconds flat.  Your call.

Read on to set up an account.  Then, consider selling your fax machine to a museum.

Getting Started

Who can order from Baldor online?

Anyone with an active account at Baldor can place an order online. Baldor Specialty Foods is a wholesale purveyor and is not open to the general public.

How do I set up an account?

In order to set up an account, you must fill out a credit application and email it to info@baldorfood.com.  Once we receive your application, a sales representative will be in touch with next steps.

I live in Michigan. Can I place an order online?

Baldor has warehouses in NYC, Boston and DC and our delivery range reaches from Portland, Maine to Norfolk, Virginia.  If you’re unsure of whether you are in our delivery range, please contact us.

I already have a Baldor account. Am I automatically set up for online ordering?

No.  But, you’re only one easy step away!  If you are an existing Baldor customer and you would like to start ordering online, please reach out to your salesperson or the office at 718.860.9100 or email info@baldorfood.com and we’ll set you up with a username and password.

I am a user of Baldor’s original online ordering platform. Do I need to renew my online account to use the new website?

No.  You’re all set up and ready to go. We have already transferred your account to the new website and your username and password are the same as the ones you used on the old website. If you prefer to use the original online ordering platform while we transition all business to the new website, please click on your city below

New York



Account Settings

Where can I find the menu that I set up with my salesperson for the previous online ordering platform?

Once you log in, you can find the menu from the previous website by visiting our brand new SmartShop page and clicking on the “My Menus” tab.

I’d like to give my bookkeeper and my sous chef access to my restaurant’s online account. Is it possible to associate multiple usernames with a single account?

At this point, we can only accommodate one username per account.  In order to give another employee or coworker access, you must share a username and password.

I need to change my account information. May I do so online?

No.  All changes to account information must be submitted through our office.  Either reach out to your salesperson or contact the office at 718.860.9100 or info@baldorfood.com.

Placing Orders

I already placed an order, but I forgot a few items! Can I add these items on to my existing order?

After you have placed an order, you cannot go back and add more items. Not to fear, though!  You can start a new order for the same delivery day for any items that did not make it on your first order.


I want to communicate some additional information about my order. Is there a place for notes?

Yes.  You can add additional information to the notes field prior to checking out.

Will I get a confirmation of my order?

You will receive a confirmation that your order has been placed successfully right after you check out.  You will also receive a confirmation that your order has shipped before delivery.  This confirmation will include any adjustments or substitutions made.

If you are not receiving confirmation emails, let us know! It is possible that there is an outdated email address associated with your account. 

What is Smartshop?

Smartshop is a new way to organize your purchasing strategy. This feature of the website allows you to build personalized menus, track previous orders and access bookkeeping information in one seamless interface.  For a full tour of Smartshop and assistance getting started, contact your sales rep or give us a call at (718) 860-9100 or info@baldorfood.com