Natalie's Orchid Island, FORT PIERCE, FL

Award Winning, Squeezed Fresh Florida Juice

About Natalie's Orchid Island

In 1989, Bobby and Marygrace Sexton, 4th generation Florida citrus farmers, launched a fresh juice operation using Indian River fruit grown in their groves. They believed people would appreciate the taste of fresh squeezed Florida juice in contrast to what was available in grocery stores. They named this labor of love after their infant daughter, Natalie. 

For over 20 years, Natalie’s has provided Baldor with the highest quality citrus juices available. Natalie’s upholds a philosophy of excellence in both its products and customer service. With the knowledge and expertise that comes from 4th generation citrus growers, Natalie’s guarantees only the highest quality Florida fruit will be used year-round.

Natalie’s products are squeezed fresh daily, and are always 100% natural, never having any secret preservatives or additives - only the juice from the fruit!

Today, Natalie’s remains family owned and operated, with the first two full-time employees, C.E.O., Marygrace Sexton and brother, E.V.P., John Martinelli, still managing company activities. Natalie’s is proud of its sanitation and quality initiatives that have earned the company its undisputed reputation as the nation’s best juice producer.  Over the years, Natalie’s Orchid Island Juices have won National Taste Test competitions in Good Housekeeping, Real Simple and Cook’s magazine, among others.

At Natalie’s, the strive for excellence is never ending. We know you trust us to produce transparent, authentic juice which is why Natalie’s has won 8 national taste tests for incredible freshness and wholesome nutrition. YOU are the reason for our purpose, our passion and we love you for it.


Marygrace Sexton, CEO/Owner


From Natalie's Orchid Island