Maywood Farms, Corning, CA

We grow the best figs on the market!

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About Maywood Farms

Maywood Farms is a family owned and operated organic fig farm in the agricultural valley of beautiful Northern California. Bob Steinacher started Maywood Farms in the early 1980’s, and in 1989 his wife Karen jumped on board to manage the farm's production operation. During harvest, Bob handles shipping and sales, while Karen runs the crews and oversees production. Currently, both of their kids are also now involved in the day to day operations as they begin to transition to take over the business. In 1990, Maywood Farms obtained C.C.O.F. Organic certification for 25 acres of figs. This was so successful that they started the transition process on remaining acreage in 1998. Maywood Farms pride themselves on having the best figs in the market. This would not be possible without the dedication of their employees, many of whom have worked for them for over 30 years!


Maywood Farms

"Just following up to say THANK YOU for bringing these incredible, delightful figs into my life. My family is from Iran and figs of this quality are really hard to come by on the east coast, let alone the US. These figs take me back. They are magical and delightful and make me want to cry happy tears."