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Sourcing Globally

Where we source from

Baldor believes in finding and delivering the finest foods from around the world. Our international wholesale procurement division, IPeX, is continuously on the lookout for global sources that grow quality produce in a sustainable and responsible manner. Our IPeX team arranges shipping logistics with the goal of saving you money by eliminating middlemen such as importers and distributors. IPeX works directly with farmers all over the world. Whether the farm is located in Guatemala, Panama, Israel, France, Belgium, Turkey, Costa Rica or Canada, our goal is to collaborate with the grower on planting, harvesting, packing and shipping.

We bring a container from Europe by boat every two weeks, which includes a variety of fresh produce, including: cippoline onions from Italy, cryovaced cooked beets from France, celery root and endive from Belgium and charentais melons from Cavaillon. Some of our specialty imports include heirloom melons and fresh Hearts of Palm from Central America, retail ready horseradish from Hungary, premium haricots verts from Kenya and Prince de Bretagne shallots, Roscoff pink onions and smoked garlic from Eastern France.

Any offshore farm that we work with must meet our food safety and sustainability standards. We schedule personal visits to each farm we find with an HACCP or Primus Lab certification, so our IPeX team can ensure that Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) are in place and that the growers are meeting our strict requirements.  This starts with water sourcing and waste removal. We also ensure that worker conditions are favorable and that no children are employed. 

Our high standards for excellence apply to each part of our business, from quality food to excellent logistics, to the best farms from around the world. Our commitment to only working with the best international farms is reflected in the quality of food delivered to our customers each morning.