The food business is hard, but placing an order shouldn’t be. is the only online procurement tool
that combines ecommerce convenience with the reliability and expertise we’ve built our name on since 1991.

4 Ways We Make Life Easy

Simple To Get Started

Seamless Account Set Up

Our system is powerful, accurate and efficient, but it ain’t rocket science.

  • Register in one click
  • Place orders within 1 hour of set up
  • Access personalized order guide instantly
Fast and Convenient to Use

Fast and Convenient to Use

With, you can place an order in 60 seconds flat-- that’s about a tenth of the time it takes to order by phone. Oh, and you can log in from anywhere with Wi-Fi.   Just don’t be a stranger, okay?

  • Log in from any device
  • Replicate recent orders
  • Shop frequently-used item lists
  • Place orders 24/7
  • Check out in under a minute
  • Receive order confirmation alerts
Easy-To-Find Products

Easy-To-Find Products

Did you know that we carry 32 kinds of spinach? Sometimes we forget to mention things like this on the phone. With, you can easily navigate our list of 5,000 items and order exactly what you want.

  • Use easy navigation tools to find what you need
  • Search by brand, Baldor item code, keyword or product name
  • Review pricing and availability for 5,000+ items
  • Access difficult-to-source items with special orders from small farmers and other third parties
  • Browse Peak Season and News From the Farm for top items and market updates
  • Redeem exclusive deals and samples
Efficient Account Management

Efficient Account Management

Remember the time you wanted a copy of an invoice, but didn’t have enough time to call our office?  Well, those days are over. 

  • Track invoices and view payment history
  • Pay bills with credit card or ACH
  • Update contact information
  • Run usage reports
  • Build personalized order-guides