Baldor Fresh Cuts

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Fresh Cuts sets us apart from other food suppliers. We don’t just deliver food. We source the best items, and then customize them according to your unique business needs. Need your potatoes cut a special way? Do you want your greens washed and prepared? Let us know. Utilizing Baldor’s Fresh Cuts service allows the restaurant owner, kitchen manager and staff more time to focus on running their business. Our full line of Fresh Cuts yields 100% usable product while reducing waste, eliminating prep time, and improving profitability. 

Baldor can supply you with all your Fresh Cuts needs. We offer everyday kitchen staples such as carrot coins, zucchini matchsticks, and special cuts such as Chateau squash and Tourneau potatoes for more lavish presentations. Your items will arrive uniformly cut and crisp-fresh every morning, allowing the chef to do what he does best – cook.

Solving the Storage Challenge

Storage spaces in urban areas are at a premium and our clientele is often faced with the challenge of how much food to buy and where to store it. Baldor’s Fresh Cuts can help solve part of that problem with daily deliveries of ‘just-in-time’ inventory. Whether it’s 10 pounds of peeled onions or 500 pounds of diced onions, we can fulfill your order daily.

Baldor Fresh Cuts for retail utilize our DSD (direct store delivery) service, reducing deliver time, extending shelf life, and enabling the retailer to maximize the marketability of grab ‘n go products. In addition, our Fresh Cuts are cleaned and cut from the same top-quality produce we stock everyday, and processed and packaged under maximum safety standards in our HACCP accredited facility.