Your Preferred Retail Supplier

Who do we partner with

Our commitment to serving our retail partners applies to excellent quality and exceptional service to customers both big and small. We fulfill our retailer orders quickly by shipping orders overnight directly from our nearest regional warehouse, and work alongside many retailer fulfillment centers by delivering short life items directly to the store. Our dedication to maximum product freshness, exemplified by our DSD (direct store delivery) service, ensures an extended retail shelf life.

Our strong sourcing connections, pulling from farms all around the world, and extended list of product offerings, make Baldor an ideal retail store supplier. While other suppliers tend to run out of product, our logistics keep fresh product in store full-time, enabling you access to the biggest selection of fresh food. When a retailer chooses Baldor, they are choosing quick access to an exceptional array of product diversity, private label Fresh Cuts, and unique, specialty product at a competitive price, all in a single morning delivery

Reasons to choose Baldor:

    1. As an independent distributor, we can fulfill many of your produce and specialty foods needs

    2. Our private label Fresh Cuts and Packaged Goods prepare your food exactly as you need it

    3. Excellent access to specialty foods, locally-grown and certified organic produce 

    4. We deliver to your door within 24 hours.

Urban Roots

Our line of packaged produce is branded under the Urban Roots label. Urban Roots features our line of pre-washed specially prepared product, ready-to-eat as a value add to our retail customers.  

Urban Roots produce includes:

1. Cut Fruit & Vegetables

2. Organic Cut Fruit and Vegetables

3. Homemade Salsa

4. Baby Vegetables

5. Herbs

6. Potatoes and Shallots