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Pretty purple shiso leaves make a great flavoring for earthy flavored foods - game, mushrooms, root vegetables and the like. With a flavor combination of anise, basil and mint, you can use them to flavor vinaigrettes, to season tuna or beef tartare, mix with cooked rice or to ganish cooked fish dishes and raw sushi. This shiso is so colorful it makes a sparkling garnish anywhere you put it.

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Size: 8 CUP
Koppert Cress
Koppert Cress USA is a local Long Island grower and forager of flavor with its origins in Dutch innovative agriculture and greenhouse expertise. They produce living microgreens, cut microgreens and specialties for the top restaurant Industry. Their natural products and heirloom varieties are grown... Learn more about Koppert Cress
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May 20

Purple Shiso Leaves

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Purple Shiso Leaves


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