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Mother Nature Meets Haute Cuisine.

About Joyce Farms

Joyce Farms is a third generation, family owned and operated company in North Carolina, specializing in naturally raised poultry, beef, and game birds with robust, natural flavors that far exceed what is available from modern agriculture and commercial factory farming.

Alvin Joyce started Joyce Farms back in 1962, selling wholesale poultry to mom and pop businesses in his native North Carolina region. As his reputation grew, he expanded into high-end culinary markets that demanded superior, well-raised birds with fuller flavor. In 2003, Alvin’s son Ron shifted the company’s focus once more, this time to old-world heritage breeds, reviving traditional raising methods and producing specialty poultry and game. Our Poulet Rouge Fermier chickens became a mainstay soon after. In 2011, Joyce Farms introduced Naked Beef, a grass-fed and finished beef with consistency better flavor than any other beef on the market.

Joyce Farms is renowned for sustainable agricultural practices, strict sanitation policies, commitment to all-natural breeding techniques, and for source verification to family farmers. Their slogan – “Mother Nature Meets Haute Cuisine” supports their mission to produce great tasting products that are good for our health, good for our animals, and good for our environment. Today, Joyce Farms remains fully dedicated to raising the very best all-natural and heritage meats for the top chefs, artisanal butchers, and educated consumers across the U.S.

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Welcome back to flavor and the way meat and poultry used to taste.

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Grass Fed Beef Bone In Striploin

2 X LB