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Eye round steak is a beef steak from the round, the rear leg of the cow. Because it is so lean, eye round should always be thinly sliced against the grain. Though it has little fat, it is also one of the tastier cuts of beef. Use it for braising, stir fries, chicken fried steak, pressure cooking and stewing. This eye round is grass-fed, meaning it has at least twice the amount of heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids than grain-fed beef. The mission for the ranchers at Joyce Farm is to return to old-world breeds and farming methods in order to produce the very best, all-natural and heritage meats for the top chefs, artisanal butchers, and educated consumers nationwide. Every animal is raised on a small family farm and with one guiding imperative: that there is nothing added EVER - no pesticides, animal by-products, hormones, growth stimulators or antibiotics.Joyce Farms is also renowned for implementing grazing methods that promote the building of soil organic matter, healthy soil microbial populations, and carbon sequestration. Healthy soil produces healthy grasses that are teeming with beneficial bacteria, fungi, protozoa, algae, earthworms and pollinating insects. The nutrient density of this forage produces healthy cattle with excellent flavor profiles.

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Size: 4 X LB
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United States of America
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Joyce Farms, a family-owned specialty meat and poultry producer in North Carolina, is dedicated to providing chefs and consumers with the most flavorful proteins. With a steadfast commitment to natural methods—no antibiotics, no artificial additives—Joyce Farms ensures pure, exceptional... Learn more about Joyce Farms

Grass Fed Beef Eye Round

20 LB AVG | 4 PC
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