A. Gurda Produce, PINE ISLAND, NY

From the Black Dirt Region of NY

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  • A. Gurda Produce

About A. Gurda Produce

A. Gurda Produce is located in what’s considered the famous Black Dirt region of Orange County, NY.   Also called “muckland,” this rich, fertile soil the area boasts has high nitrogen value and sulfur content, which adds flavor and texture to the crops it supports.  The ground develops the flavor of sweet corn, leafy greens, and onions which are known to grow very well in this type of soil.  


Andrew Gurda runs this 4th generation farm on the knowledge passed down from his great grandfather and the generations thereafter.  Still running as a family operation through and through, Andrew’s brothers are involved in growing and transporting crops.  His daughter carries out the farm’s food safety initiatives.  Andrew and his team are dedicated to the most sustainable agricultural practices that can be carried out from planting to harvesting. They strive to provide a great variety of vegetables with exceptional flavor and quality to local and regional markets.  Baldor is lucky to be one of them.


A. Gurda Produce

Once you're born into it, it's something you carry with you.   I always had an idea I would come back to the family farm.


Andrew Gurda, Owner