Frog Hollow Farm, BRENTWOOD, CA

Tree-Ripened Fruit From Farmer Al

About Frog Hollow Farm

Baldor is one of the few distributors of Frog Hollow Farms in the Northeast. Farmer Al won’t trust just anyone to turn around his premium, ready-to-eat stone fruit. His farm is located in Brentwood, California and the Frog Hollow name is renowned nationwide for stunning, picture-perfect, organic fruit picked literally at peak sweetness. If you didn’t live in the immediate area, Frog Hollow fruits were only available through mail order. 


A few years ago Farmer Al selected Baldor to distribute his highly perishable line because of our unsurpassed logistical, storage and delivery capabilities. We fly Farmer Al’s product in so it goes from tree to customer in as little as 48 hours.  Anyone buying these spectacular fruits must be prepared to act fast.  If you get them to your customers post-haste, you will be giving them an unforgettable taste of summer in all its sugar-sweet, just-picked glory.  Chin-dribbling juices and all!


So why even consider the organic fruit from Frog Hollow Farm in Brentwood, Calif.? Because the farm ships its big, handsome peaches unblemished and ready to savor, dripping with rich juice. Unlike many farm-stand peaches, these have their skins brushed to be less fuzzy. And they include unusual varieties.

Florence Fabricant