Just Add Avocados

Just Add Avocados

Baldor Editors Nov 30 , 2017

Now that the avocado market has stabilized it’s time to just add avocados to everything! To gain a solid understanding of guests’ attitudes and behaviors toward fresh avocados, Avocados From Mexico surveyed more than 3,000 restaurant patrons who consume avocados or guacamole. This study determined how much foodservice guests are willing to pay for fresh avocados while also developing specific foodservice guest insights surrounding the usage of fresh avocados across multiple menu categories.


The study found customers increasingly want fresh items over processed ingredients. The fresh items are perceived as versatile and superior to processed items. More than half of the surveyed customers stated they would visit their favorite eatery if they began to use process avocados.


Avocados are popular in foodservice!

51% of foodservice guests would purchase a breakfast burrito with avocado and willing to pay up to $1.62 more, 59% would buy a breakfast sandwich if these items were offered with an avocado add-on or guacamole spread. On average a customer will pay up to an additional $1.81 MORE for a slice of fresh avocado on their dish!


The study concluded an avocado add-on was found to provide up to a $2 boost in the sale price across all restaurant segments. Let us know how you #JustAddAvocado.




Source: 2016 Technomic Research Report, Avocados From Mexico

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