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Gotham Green's leaf lettuce version of iceberg is grown as an open head which helps keep the stems crispy, while the leaves stay tender. It's full of flavor and crunch, and loaded with nutrients. Gotham build their greenhouses next to large urban populations and distribute their products regionally, which means a reduction in transportation time, fuel consumption, and emissions. And once their greens get where theyre going faster, they also stay fresh longer (like, a lot longer), retain more of their nutrients, and reduce food waste.

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Size: 12 X 4.5 OZ
Gotham Greens
Gotham Greens is an indoor farming company and a fresh food brand on a mission to transform the way we approach our food system, putting people and the planet at the forefront. We grow fresh salad greens and herbs all year round – regardless of the season and temperature outside –... Learn more about Gotham Greens

Brooklyn Crunch

12 X 4.5 OZ
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