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Lollipop Kale Sprouts are a tasty new kale trend in the restaurant world. These little purple and green rosettes are a kale-brussels sprouts hybrid cultivated in California. Lollipops are sweet and mild and can be pan-sauteed with pancetta and other flavorings or just wilted with garlic and oil.

Product Details:
Size: 4 LB
Country of Origin:
United States of America
Salad Savoy
Salad Savoy Corporation is the brainchild of John Moore in 1983, following a trip to Sweden. While he was there, he visited a vegetable garden and was struck by what he saw, and tasted! Through detailed research and development, not only did he create an entirely new vegetable, trademarked under... Learn more about Salad Savoy

Lollipop Kale Sprouts

4 LB
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