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This sweet, Genovese Basil from Gotham Greens is a fragrant and bright addition to salads, pastas, and pestos. We also love it muddled with lime in our favorite cocktails. Keep basil cool, but outside the refrigerator, for longer-lasting leaves. Gotham builds their greenhouses next to large urban populations and distribute their products regionally, which means a reduction in transportation time, fuel consumption, and emissions. And once their greens get where theyre going faster, they also stay fresh longer (like, a lot longer), retain more of their nutrients, and reduce food waste.

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Size: 12 X 1.25 OZ
Gotham Greens
Gotham Greens is an indoor farming company and a fresh food brand on a mission to transform the way we approach our food system, putting people and the planet at the forefront. We grow fresh salad greens and herbs all year round – regardless of the season and temperature outside –... Learn more about Gotham Greens


12 X 1.25 OZ
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