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They love staying away from the coast. However, around May/June - that is, during reproduction - they come closer and then finally make it back to the abyss during the winter. They are fished at night with special boats called Lampare, which illuminate the surface of the water, in order to attract the fish to the surface. using only purse seines, a selective method that allows you to take only what you need from the sea, protecting unwanted species or protected from accidental capture, processes them a few hours after the catch using innovative materials and techniques.Although for a long time they were considered a 'not-very-valuable kind of fish', they have now been rediscovered and reconsidered by big cooks due not only to their taste and versatility, but also to the fact that they can be very healthy, rich in protein, vitamins E and B and precious Omega 3 acids.

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Size: 2.86 LB
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Armatore is a family business, we have been working in this field for over four generations now and we have been doing it together with an entire fishing village, monitoring the whole supply chain – from the catch to restaurants.Armatore is a story coming from afar, which has been able to... Learn more about Armatore

Anchovies Fillets in Olive Oil

2.86 LB
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