Ward's Berry Farm, Sharon, MA

Providing quality and flavorful produce at its peak

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  • Ward's Berry Farm

About Ward's Berry Farm

Brothers Jim and Bob Ward have operated the Massachusetts based farm since 1982. With 175 acres of vegetables and small fruit, Ward's focuses on maxiziming production, and working towards building the health of our soil and increasing its organic matter. Diversity and quality are of prime importance. We are proud to be a genuine, productive farm, sustainably feeding the people of our area real food picked at the peak of ripeness, while nurturing our soil and making Ward's Berry Farm a healthy place for our community.

Ward's Berry Farm

Our food is grown with purpose and care. The unrivaled flavors are a direct correlation to the health of the soil, and the effort our team put into their work and the land. Ward's Berry Farm aims to educate the community about eating seasonally and locally.

Jim Ward, Co-Owner