Delta Queen, Stockton, CA

The most flavorful asparagus in the country, from our families to yours.

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About Delta Queen

Klein Family Farms and Greg Paul Produce Sales are synonymous with the Delta Queen name, a Stockton, California asparagus crop known for its sweet, pure flavor.

Jeff Klein and his family grow their unrivaled stalks in the rich peat soils of the California Delta, which are irrigated with water that flows from the Sierra snow melt, the same way they have for nearly 100 years. After carefully and expertly cultivating this delicacy, the fourth-generation farming Kleins, harvest and pack their asparagus on the same day, to ensure maximum freshness.

At this point, Greg Paul Produce, which was founded by Greg and his wife, Tamara, in 1979, bring these spring delights to market. From the beginning, they set up their office right inside their packing facility, which allows their staff to oversee the packing operations, and to be vigilant when it comes to quality, food safety, and shipping. Proud to be the exclusive distributor of the last remaining Delta Queens, they make it their literal business to get the unique bunches into customer’s hands, in the same condition they left the Kleins’.

Delta Queens, brought to us by two small California family businesses, are available March-May.


Delta Queen

"Klein Family Farms stands for quality, service, and care. Family farmers for American families.

Greg Paul Produce has always stood for the utmost in quality, integrity, and service. We are a small family business that cares."

Jeff Klein & James Paul