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Anatomy of a Dish: BroccoLeaf Caesar

Cecilia Estreich Dec 3 , 2015

Chef Melia Marden gives the Caesar a makeover at NYC café, The Smile

With the growing concern about wasted food in America, we’ve seen a number of scrap-based dishes pop up on menus.  But—little known fact--Melia Marden was serving a waste salad long before Dan Barber’s WastED dinner series kicked off a national trend.  Her Broccoleaf Caesar Salad utilizes edible outer leaves that would typically be plowed back into the fields after harvesting broccoli crowns.  

Star of the Show: Broccoli Leaves
Often sold under the label “Broccoleaf”, these edible leaves are a by-product of commercial broccoli farming. They are available year-round and have that distinctively Brassica flavor.

Green juice-makers rejoice: leaves pack the same nutrient-dense punch as kale, but yield almost twice as much juice.

Supporting Cast Members:
- House made croutons w/cayenne
- Classic Caesar dressing: egg, worcestershire sauce, cayenne, anchovy, lemon, extra virgin olive oil
- Finely grated parmesan

Why it Works:
The broccoli leaf’s hearty texture holds up to the fattiest, creamiest dressings. And, let’s face it—everyone is bored of kale.

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