The Beet is Back.

The Beet is Back.

Team Beet Feb 26 , 2021

The Beet Goes On.

Longtime customers and friends will remember our Baldor blog, started in 2015, as a place to spotlight produce, people, products, and the projects that excited us. One could find interesting tidbits about unusual produce (unripe, green fruits anyone?), info about uncommon crops (wondering about Spigariello?), and little-known illuminations – like that the strange connection between fresh figs and wasps, (courtesy of the late Charlie Balducci, our produce savant).

Nostalgia gives way to current food concerns and trends in the new Baldor Beet. This last year has brought so many new changes to our company – new customers in Home Delivery, new members of the Baldor family in Pierless Fish, new farmer and vendor partners, and more. Now feels like exactly the right time to bring The Beet back to tell new stories.

Today you will meet growers with particularly compelling bios, meet the chefs who create culinary magic with our products, and learn about the specialty foods we carry in addition to produce.

As before, we'll be going back to our Beet roots – sharing the stories of the people and produce that are at the heart of who we are - while, at the same time, exploring what’s new, what’s exciting, and what’s trending now.

We will be taking deeper dives into our favorite seasonal produce and products. The myriad hot peppers that abound at the end of the summer will be investigated, with advice on how to use each variety to highlight its unique flavor nuances. Look for similar deep dives into tomatoes mid-summer, too.

Our curated products are more than just ingredients, and we take joy in sharing the stories of the people behind them, their passion + innovation, and how our customers transform them into the most incredible, memorable dishes.

Join us on this journey, and stay tuned for exciting things to come.

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