Why Eggplant Is The New Superfood?

Why Eggplant Is The New Superfood?

Baldor Editors Apr 12 , 2018

Eggplant, typically such an undervalued vegetable. Many people think that an eggplant is difficult to prepare or has a bad taste because it absorbs a lot of oil so they simply do not like cooking with an eggplant. But it seems like new times are coming for the eggplant! The eggplant is increasing popularity within the superfoods group. Due to the heighted popularity in the middle eastern cusine, many dishes of which include eggplant,  we are seeing an increased curiousity into the aubergine.

And why not? The eggplant has many advantages as a vegetable and also connects to various major food trends:

  • An eggplant has a lot of fiber and a firm structure and is therefore a perfect ingredient in vegetarian or vegan dishes. Have you ever heard of cripsy eggplant bacon? Read more here https://minimalistbaker.com/crispy-eggplant-bacon/
  • It contains few calories and contain many anti-oxidants, so it fits very well in a healthy lifestyle.
  • You can use it in all sorts of ways: baking, grilling, steaming, popping in the oven, filling, smoking, making a dip or chips. How much inspiration do you need?
  • The eggplant is an important ingredient in many cuisines: Italian, Greek, Asian and  Thai
  • Because the eggplant is still gaining popularity it is easy to surprise a consumer or diner with a various specialty aubergines available.

For more information on how to best pair each varity and a complete tasting guide check out this beet post! Purple Pride supplies Baldor with a variety of Eggplants directly from The Netherlands. Visit thier farm page to view all varities in our warehouse!


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