Purple Pride Tasting Guide

Purple Pride Tasting Guide

Baldor Editors Sep 18 , 2017

Eggplant, or the fanicer term aubergine, is increasing popularity within the “superfoods”. This is not without reason. This striking dark beauty is one of the lowest calorie vegetables there is. It’s also full of fiber and powerful antioxidants. You can tell a good aubergine from a dark, shiny and smooth skin with a fresh green crown. A fresh aubergine should feel firm.

Purple Pride supplies Baldor with a variety of Eggplants directly from The Netherlands. Below are some of the varieties in our warehouse and what they pair best with!

Graffiti - absorbs less oil than the standard eggplant

Perfect when combined with:

Chicken, turkey, pork and veal

Cod, redfish, salmon


Mini Graffiti - Just like the Graffiti, this eggplant is recognised by its beautifully striped skin. Its small size gives it unlimited uses.

Perfect when combined with:

Oily fish, lobster and sardines

Red meat, Iberico ham


Baby Eggplant - Baby eggplants have a delicate, spicy and nutty flavour and are slightly sweet. Very suitable for baking, steaming and preparing in the oven.
Perfect when combined with:
Redfish, salmon, sea bream and mackerel
Red meat, veal, lamb and poultry

White Eggplants - Ideal for preparing in the oven.

Perfect when combined with:

Sole, cod, plaice

Poultry, lamb, pork and veal 

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