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  • To support regional food systems by buying from local farms whenever possible.
  • To give Baldor the right to substitute commodities with comparable local product whenever possible.

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Terms and Conditions:


The goal of the Local Pledge program is to help us build a stronger regional food system. With your consent, we will achieve this by guiding your purchases toward local alternatives.


By taking the pledge, you will authorize Baldor’s team of expert buyers to substitute commodity items with comparably priced local alternatives whenever they are available. By default, we will apply substitutions to all categories. However, our team is here to customize your program and restrict substitutions to certain categories or items based on your specifications. Be advised that Baldor considers comparably priced to be defined by a +/- 10% range of its commodity substitute price with an equivalent pack size.
By taking this pledge, you will authorize Baldor to use your name in marketing materials as a locally certified customer.
Baldor has defined all local farms and items for this program. They can be found on