Dear Valued Baldor Customer,


As we reach the 13 month milestone of living and working through a pandemic, all of us at Baldor would like to thank you for your loyalty & patience. We’ve always been grateful for your business, and support, but this year especially, we’re especially grateful for your partnership.


With 80% of our business closing on that dark day last March, we jumped into Home Delivery and doubled downed on Retail to stay afloat. We didn’t know what the next day would bring but we held on tight, kept our doors open six days a week and did everything possible to honor our promise to you, deliver quality you can trust, and service that delivers.


It has been a true delight to see the food service industry emerge so rapidly, but as you all know the industry is crippled by a major shortage in labor.

We are continuing to diligently work towards getting our workforce fully re-staffed and for the meantime, we thank you for your patience as we get fully back on our feet.

In order for us to make improvements in our service levels and get better every day, we are implementing new policies beginning May 3rd, 2021.


Depending on your proximity to our warehouses, our new Wholesale order minimum will be $200. For further regions, this minimum can reach as high as $300. Our sales teams and product specialists are standing by to help navigate you through our amazingly broad product offerings. We want to work with you through any challenges these changes present and we appreciate you exploring new opportunities with us to achieve these new minimums. We also have a Small Business Account option available with lower minimums in select areas. Please speak to your sales representative for more details.


· Limiting days of service for our Northern and Eastern Connecticut region to Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


· Limiting days of service for our Upstate New York and Pocono PA Region Routes to Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.


We understand that these new policies are significant, but trust that this will be a needed breath of air that will fuel us to continue to serve you better.


Thank you again for your patience, partnership, and trust in us.

New Wholesale Minimums, Service Coverage Days