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Oakwood shiitake mushrooms are cultivated on natural innoculated oak logs rather than on sawdust compost blocks, giving them an earthier flavor. Shiitakes grown on compost multiply much faster, yielding more volume, but they aren't as meaty or tasty and have 3-5 times less healthful medicinal compounds. Chefs know the difference just by looking at their thick, dry, richly corrugated caps.

Product Details:
Size: 5 LB
Country of Origin:
United States of America
RI Mushroom Co.
Started in January of 2013, the RI Mushroom Co., LLC is a growing and dynamic company that cultivates exotic mushrooms.  Located in West Kingston, RI, they have created the ideal growing environment for mushroom propagation. By maintaining a humidity level of over 95% and a constant, cool... Learn more about RI Mushroom Co.

Oakwood Shiitake Mushrooms

5 LB
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