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The homemade, artisan look of these fresh pasta cuts from Campagna are more than skin deep. I Sapori del Vallo pastas are crafted in Southern Italy using the finest durum semolina and water. All the varieties cook up soft and tender and readily absorb sauce toppings. This Calabrese fuislli cut is a specialty of the region of Calabria. The elongated folded shape resembles a rolled up scroll and serves to trap a bit of sauce in every bite. They are perfect with pesto, seafood sauces, and meaty ragus. This pasta's rich, creamy hue comes from the superior durum wheat grown in this region, not from the presence of eggs. Cook in salted, boiling water only about 5 minutes, then drain.

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Size: 10 X 17.6 OZ
Country of Origin:

Calabresi Fusilli

10 X 17.6 OZ
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