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Lets face it: When you think of tomatoes, that classic NatureSweet cherry-red blaring in your produce section probably comes to mind. Poor Comets, they might slip past your eye because of their yellow color. Well, you can blame their lack of red coloring on lycopene, a disease-fighting phytonutrient that gives red tomatoes their signature vibrant hue.

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Size: 15 X 10 OZ
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NatureSweet San Antonio TX View all 7 items
We have the best-tasting & sweetest tomatoes on the planet because we do things the right way.Our Associates take great care of our tomatoes by checking for sweetness, freshness, firmness, and color before they hit shelves and before they land on your dinner table. Our tomatoes are picked with... Learn more about NatureSweet

Yellow Grape Comets Tomatoes

15 X 10 OZ
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