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Fonio is a West African grain that has been cultivated for thousands of years. Though it looks like grains of sand when raw, it develops a nutty aroma and pebbly texture when cooked, like a cross between couscous and quinoa. The trick is to coat the grains with a tiny amount of oil before boiling.Season Fonio with your favorite aromatics like ginger, scallions, thyme, lemon or lime juice, pepper, etc.Like tofu, Fonio doesn't offer strong flavor on its own, but absorbs the taste of whatever ingredients you add to it. The grain is vegan, gluten-free, and packed with vitamins. It's also rich in essential amino acids, and boasts 12 grams of protein per cup. Though Fonio grains appear very fine when raw, they and swell nearly four times when cooked. Fonio is known as a forgiving grain where it's grown in Mal. If it comes out too wet, cook it a bit more. Too dry? Add a bit more water and let steam.

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Size: 10 LB
Country of Origin:
Bouvet Island
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Parboil Pearled Fonio

10 LB
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