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Baby artichokes, (which are not really babies at all but fully mature artichokes that cluster around the base of the plant) can be shaved raw for an artichoke salad. Pair with any variety of colorful radicchios, toasted pignoli, walnut croutons or julienned prosciutto and bathe with a lemon vinaigrette.

Product Details:
Size: 20 LB
Country of Origin:
United States of America
Ocean Mist Farms
Ocean Mist Farms is one of Baldor’s oldest and most trusted purveyors. This  family farm has been supplying Baldor with top quality artichokes, lettuces, Brussels sprouts and other fresh vegetable for over 25 years.  Ocean Mist Farms is owned by four grower families, headquartered... Learn more about Ocean Mist Farms

Baby Artichokes

20 LB
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