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  • Weather Update
    May 24, 2017

    Leafy greens are coming on strong with local kales, many lettuces and green cabbage at great pricing this week. Lots of rain here in the northeast both last week and this week might result in some sandy or muddy bottoms but there’s still great value once you clean them off. Because Georgia lost so many tomato plants in their early spring freeze, the field-grown tomatoes market is climbing fast. Expect higher pricing on round, plums, cherries and grapes until early June. Hothouse tomatoes are the way to go – plenty around this week at very good pricing. 

Market Update


  • Fruit | Extra-large white and red cherries are here from California as are Lemon Velvet apriums which are gorgeous yellow and bursting with flavor. We have 2 varieties of pluots in and the first organic peaches, cherries and nectarines from Frog Hollow and Balakian Farms in California. 

  • Vegetables | Celery and broccoli will stay tough for the next 3-4 weeks and expect prices to climb on Brussels sprouts, crown, fennel, rabe, squash and cello radishes. On the bright side we are seeing greater abundance and lower pricing on all lettuces, kale, cabbages, corn and local spinach.

  • Organics | All organic berries are readily available and well-priced this week. We have new organic watermelon in bins and by the case or piece, and organic red and green grapes from California and Mexico. Organic tomatoes are higher this week while organic Kale and corn are both great buys. 

  • Unique + Foraged | Eva’s Garden organic herbs and flower mixes are starting to arrive from Dartmouth, MA, and we have the first St. George mushrooms arriving from Bulgaria. Organic horseradish leaves, mustard and grape flowers are still available from Knoll Farms in California. 

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Many lettuce options to build your perfect Spring Salad! 

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Tomatoes troubled Spring hits hard 

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