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  • Market Summary
    September 20, 2017

    Though Hurricane Irma made a direct hit to Florida’s west coast, crop and field damage is extensive throughout the state - from the peninsula’s tip right through the Panhandle.  Our head buyer visited over the weekend and warned that the negative effects on produce won’t be fully felt until November and December.  For now, expect Florida field-grown plum, round and cherry tomato to cost more. Heller grapefruits took a huge hit, losing up to 70% of their crop. Luckily pink grapefruits from California are still running.

Market Update


  • Fruit |  Colossal Mighty Blueberries from Peru continue. They are perfect for anyone looking for a huge, showcase blueberry. There are no Driscoll’s stem berries at the moment but we do have Nature Ripe stems. They’re not top quality, but are steadily available if you must have them. Local Pell Farms strawberries and raspberries are in from their Connecticut farms. Valencia oranges are quickly winding down and navels don’t start for a few more weeks. If you are willing to be size-flexible, we can fill your Valenica orders for now. Flavor Falls are the best pluot choice this time of year. Eat them while still firm.  Though not dripping with juice, they are sweet, meaty, flavorful, and crisp - great for slicing. Yellow Egg plums from Red Jacket Orchards are a freestone variety with a golden interior that tastes like honey. They are ideal for baking and preserving.  All exotic fruits, including cherimoya, rambutan, pink dragon fruit, baby kiwi, and more are in for the Jewish holidays.

  • Vegetables | Local heirlooms and specialty tomatoes from Latham, Hepworth and Eckerton Hill Farms are arriving in good volumes and expected to stay plentiful as warm weather continues. Latham yellow round tomatoes are actually an orange-gold color with a deeper flavor than other yellow beefsteaks.  Grape tomatoes from N.J. continue but Jersey round and plums are getting tight. Hothouse tomatoes-on-the-vine and heirlooms are well-priced this week. Red and white new crop potatoes from Canada and Massachusetts are flourishing and Prince Edward Island potatoes start next week. GPOD’s begin their new season in 2 more weeks. During the gap we have nice Idaho Norkotahs under the Primo and Sunglo labels.  Production has stopped for good on baby colored cauliflowers by our California supplier. The only substitute at this time is full-sized colored cauliflower. We are still waiting for word on the arrival date of fresh porcini from South Africa.  

  • Organics | Jumbo Keitts mangos from California are here. They’re one of the best-eating of all mangos, perfect for retail stores because of their impressive aesthetics. All sizes of pomegranates are in. Much-awaited green asparagus from Argentina arrives this weekend and should last through Thanksgiving.  Peaches and nectarines have moved up to Washington and their quality is still good. Valencia oranges are finished for the season, causing a gap in organic orange supplies until navels start next month. The price is shooting up on orange carrots due to limited supplies, but they won’t gap. Rainbow carrots start again in November. Frog Hollow Farms’ organic Warren Pears are now packed in a 4 count retail carry case. Warrens have a very smooth, non-gritty texture like the most refined European pears. Bulk garlic and ginger are both being sold in 10 lb. bulk cases as well as standard 30 lbs.

  • Unique + Foraged | Fresh Burgundy truffles have started from Italy at very aggressive pricing. Chestnut Royale mushrooms from China look like sharpened little pencils with their pointed, slender stems and small, brown caps. Chestnut Royales have the pleasant aroma of wet forest leaves and a sweet, mild flavor. Domestic Lobster mushrooms are gapping but should be back next week and wild, pine-scented Matsutake are still available. There is only one week left on red currants from the Pacific Northwest. Domestic sunchokes are very limited but we have French sunchokes in. They are sweeter, with a rounder, nuttier flavor, pinkish flesh and more tubular shape – much easier to clean. California-grown Abate Fetal pears are new this year. They were formerly only available from Italy, but are now cultivated here. Their white, aromatic flesh is exceptionally high in sugar and juiciness. A mix of coastal and mountain-grown wild huckleberries from the Pacific Northwest is still in season.

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