New Sign-In Experience

You Asked, We Listened: We’re Offering Employee Log-Ins for Online Ordering

We strive to make working with us as seamless as possible and we’re excited for this update to online ordering: Individual user log-ins. For businesses, this change offers jurisdiction over who orders, insight into your ordering and better control over your account, always, and especially once employees leave. For employees, it means a more personalized experience, a portable log-in and easier reordering. And, for us, it provides a deeper layer of visibility into purchasing behavior, and helps us build stronger relationships with you. See our Q&A below – if any questions still need answers, please do not hesitate to reach out!



What is changing?

Currently, each Baldor customer set up for online ordering has one Customer Key and one login for their account. In the future, each individual user will have their own personal login (username and password). Each personal login can be linked to a business’s online Baldor account. To create a new personal login, you will need to sign in with your existing Customer Key. You’ll be prompted to create a new username and password and link it to your business’s account. The next time you sign in, you’ll use this new username and password. Account billing will work just as it always has.

What are the benefits?

For employees
, the new system will be more flexible, personalized, and convenient. Your new login will be portable. You can link your login to more than one business account, or take it with you when you change jobs. We’ll be able to better personalize your experience to make it easier to re-order your favorite items, and see news and offers that are most relevant to you. For businesses, the new system will give you much greater security and control. Starting soon, you’ll be able to assign permissions to different employees. For example, you might only let your accounts team change billing information, or only allow your chefs to order produce. You’ll also have greater visibility into your account, as you will be able to see how each employee is using it. The new system will also be more secure. As employees move on, you’ll no longer have to change the password to ensure they can’t access the system – you can simply disconnect their login from your business account.

What happens next?

You can learn more from our website, blog, or demo video. If you need more help, as always, you can get 24/7 support from our dedicated customer support team. You can stay updated on the new release and improvements by signing up for email from Baldor.