Pontano & Son Farm, Vineland, NJ

A father and son duo growing garden-fresh herbs.

  • Pontano & Son Farm
  • Pontano & Son Farm

About Pontano & Son Farm

The father and son Pontano team, Tom & Tom Jr., have been operating their 250 acre plot in Vineland, NJ since 1971. There they grow the most vibrant bunches of herbs you’ve ever seen. The Pontanos have built a reputation over the years for growing the impeccable lettuces, leafy green and gorgeous herbs today’s demanding chefs want.  They also maintain a Florida farm that keeps supplies steady all through winter.

Pontano basil is so highly regarded, it once had a cameo appearance on a Food Network cooking show. 


Pontano & Son Farm

We don’t remove herbs from the soil. We cut them, bunch them, box them and they’re ready for market – delivered the next day.

Tom Pontano