Northstar Blueberry Farm, Franklin, NY

Fresh from our Family Farm in the Catskills.

  • Northstar Blueberry Farm
  • Northstar Blueberry Farm

About Northstar Blueberry Farm

Northstar Blueberry Farm is a family owned certified organic farm overlooking the village of Franklin, New York. We specialize in heritage blueberry varietals, and produce artisanal blueberry focused products such as jam, bbq sauce, and dehydrated blueberries. We’re committed to the stewardship of the land we farm, the food we produce, and the communities we serve.


Northstar Blueberry Farm

“If you do just one thing—make one conscious choice—that can change the world, go organic. Buy organic food. Stop using chemicals and start supporting organic farmers. No other single choice you can make to improve the health of your family and the planet will have greater positive repercussions for our future.”