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About Nardelli Lake View Farm

Today the younger Nardelli’s family members, Bill Jr. and James II, are being groomed to run the family business which was started by their great grandfather Michael Nardelli in 1898 after he emigrated to Cederville, New Jersey from Italy. Both boys learned the business from the ground up – literally – from their father Bill and grandfather James Jr. before taking advanced degrees in agricultural business management and marketing.

Today Nardelli Lake View Farms is a fully integrated, modern south Jersey operation that grows, cools packs and distributes produce with their own trucks throughout the northeast and mid-Atlantic regions. Proper harvest conditions and rapid cooling in their own state of the art coolers ensures the fresh, quality, texture and taste of every bean, cabbage, herb and radish that we source from these Jersey neighbors.  Every acre of their farming operations is fully irrigated using the most modern farming techniques available. Their practices and products are USDA certified and are audited by third-party USDA approved inspectors for quality and sanitation.  


Nardelli Lake View Farm

When you purchase produce from Nardelli Lake View Farms you are purchasing a product that comes from a family history of hard work, good business ethics and pride spanning four generations.

The Nardelli Brothers