Murray Family Farms, Bakersfield, CA

Murray Family Farms

About Murray Family Farms

A lover of west coast produce, TJ Murphy, Owner & CEO of Baldor, has a soft spot for the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market in California. On a recent trip, he came across the Murray Family Farm stand. This is a small family of organic growers from Bakersfield has been operating for a quarter of a century and acquired a tremendous local following over the years.

TJ was so impressed with everything he saw and tasted that he immediately arranged for direct shipment of Murray Family Farm crops to our Bronx, New York warehouse.

Whenever TJ goes out west you can be sure something new and unusual will come back east with him – and become available to our regional market through Baldor.

Murray Family Farm operates as an agri-tourist operation that includes the farm, on-site bakery, hay wagon rides and other family activities.  About 200 varieties of organic fruits plus a wide variety of veggies are grown on the farm and available in sequence year-round. They refer to their two markets in the Bakersfield area as the “southern gateways to California’s Central Valley.” Baldor carries Murray Family Farms organic cherries, mulberries and blueberries in season. 

“Our mission is to exemplify old fashioned friendly service and family values, to provide fulfilling and rewarding career opportunities, to preserve our family farming heritage and to surprise customers with the incredible flavor of Grown RIPE Here fruits and vegetables.”

Murray Family Farms Team