Mountain Sweet Berry Farm, ROSCOE, NY

Finding the very best seeds.

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About Mountain Sweet Berry Farm

Rick Bishop, of Mountain Sweet Berry Farm, has been a fixture at the NYC Union Square Greenmarket since the mid 1980’s. He’s been credited with playing an early and important role in getting city chefs to cook upstate ingredients, particularly those grown on his Catskills farm. His commitment to fostering the healthiest, richest soil possible, and finding the very best seeds, is the reason why his loyal customers include many of New York City’s best chefs. Rick is best known for the myriad potato varieties he grows and his famous strawberries, most notably the Tristar.


Mountain Sweet Berry Farm

“There’s a compelling argument to be made that he’s a chef, and he’s writing a recipe before I start writing mine. He’s the kind of farmer who makes chefs like me look better than we are."

Dan Barber