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About Lef Farms

We started lēf Farms to put a little fresh thinking behind how New England gets its produce. We wanted to give people a way to get incredibly fresh, tasty greens that are carefully grown in our local farm just across town, not clear across the country. So they can arrive on your dinner plate within 24 hours of harvest, filled with more flavor, freshness and nutrients than you’ve ever experienced before.

Lef Farms

"To me, lef Farms is special because we're able to get our fresh and uniquely blended greens on the plates of people all over New England within hours of harvest. And every delicious morsel is grown year-round on our own state-of-the-art hydroponic farm, using zero pesticides. Plus, our greens are cold-harvested to lock in the fresh taste and extend shelf life. So every bag of delicious lēf Farms greens is as fresh, crisp, and delicious on your plate as it was in our greenhouse." 

Henry Huntington, CEO