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About Knoll Farms

Started in 1979 by Rick and Kristie Knoll, Knoll Farms has always focused on the single strategy of sustainable farming. Based in Brentwood, CA, their weather allows for a 12-month growing season, allowing them to keep the farm in production year-round. Known for their innovative practices, the Knolls strive to continually increase the biodiversity and ecological stability of their farm. Their primary focus is “growing” more topsoil and they believe that if soil is well tended, it will provide healthy, nutritious food. Composting, cover cropping, low and no-till, and crop rotation are just a few of the methods they employ to increase soil health. This is at the heart of their food-production philosophy and they continue to be leaders in soil evolution for the production of nutritious food.

Knoll Farms

“We have decided to refrain from using the "O" word in the pursuit of our next evolutionary step. The new organic law says there is nothing beyond organic. We beg to differ. We feel that the soil continuum is a fundamental aspect of ecological production that is beyond what "organic" has become!” 

Rick and Kristie Knoll