Knoll Farms, Brentwood CA

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About Knoll Farms

At Knoll Farms, we have placed this single strategy of sustainable farming at the heart of our food-production philosophy and we will continue to be leaders in soil evolution for the production of nutritious food. Knoll's farm is in an area where the weather allows a 12-month growing season, so they keep the farm in production year-round. Most of what is grown is sold to wholesalers and can be found in the Bay Area's natural food stores. Their diverse product line includes varietal artichokes, green garlic, bulb garlic, herbs, figs, apricots, plums, nectarines, edible flowers and blossoms, some salad greens.

“We have decided to refrain from using the "O" word in the pursuit of our next evolutionary step. The new organic law says there is nothing beyond organic. We beg to differ. We feel that the soil continuum is a fundamental aspect of ecological production that is beyond what "organic" has become!” 

Rick and Kristie Knoll


From Knoll Farms