Bernard Ranches, Riverside, CA

Sustainably Grown, Unwaxed Citrus

About Bernard Ranches

Vince and Vicki Bernard began farming their land in 1984.They work the farm together with their son and one other hired hand and sell their fruit themselves at the Ferry Point Plaza market and at a local greenmarket. Their land is farmed sustainably by relying on the use of beneficial insects like parasitic wasps, lady beetles, & lace wigs to avoid the use of synthetic pesticides or herbicides and they trap gophers manually. Their soil is fertilized with seaweed and urea, and they have drip irrigation systems throughout the groves to conserve water. Mushroom compost is added to the seaweed-rich soil for an added hit of nitrogen compound – an element that fruit trees crave. Vince could have used manure for an easy nitrogen boost but, because so many of his customers are vegan, he conceived the mushroom compost instead.  

The superior flavor and sweetness of Bernard Ranch citrus fruits is the combined result of ultra-rich, seaweed-packed soil, ideal terroir and hands-on farming.

Bernard’s heirloom navels are to die for – they’re easy-peeling, super juicy with a soft silky texture that melts. The sweet/acid balance hits all the right notes. And the red grapefruits are sugar on a spoon – with a light grapefruit bite. Expect delicate, clean flavors in all they put forth. These people love what they do for a living.  

Although citrus trees don’t have four legs, they seem to require the same 24-hour attention that cows need.

Vince Bernard, Co-Owner