Sign up today to support better practices and happier hens—one cage-free egg at a time.

We know that both you and your customers care about where your food comes from, how it’s raised, and its impact on the larger food system. We also know that consumers are raising their standards when it comes to eggs, with more customers asking for cage-free options and more farmers pursuing better practices to meet the increasing demand. Now that there are more cage-free egg options than ever before, we wanted to make it easier for you to access these new options as we continue to source from more farms, so we created the Baldor Cage-Free Commitment.

Here’s how it works: Simply sign up to make the commitment. Then, every time you add eggs to your order, our team will make sure the ones you receive are cage-free. While cage-free eggs to typically cost more on average, the price difference supports better farming practices and better eggs on your table.

The promises: No extra time on your end, we’ll carry through on our commitment, and the farms will carry through on theirs. By supporting cage-free farmers together, we're committing to a world with happier chickens, chefs, and customers alike.




When you commit to cage free, you're committing to giving millions of hens more freedom to roam, perch, and lay their eggs in nests, improving both their quality of life and the enviroment.



Cage-free eggs come from cage-free hens, which means they’re a product of happier animals, and ultimately, better tasting, happier eggs.



Help support farmers who are making a difference, believe in ethical farming, and are making moves toward a better world.