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The Walk In: Apotheke NYC

Baldor Editors Jan 18 , 2016

It’s Tuesday morning and we could really go for a drink.  But, before you start to worry, we should clarify – we could really go for a fresh produce and herb filled libation from NYC’s beloved temple to mixology, Apotheke. It wouldn’t be fair to call this place a bar. With its dramatic presentations and inventive flavor combinations, Apotheke is more like a theater. Plus, they have a strict “farm-to-bar” policy, sourcing ingredients from local farms and even their own rooftop herb garden.  We’re honored that we made the supplier list. 


Mixologists: Nicolas O’Connor, Chris Marshall, Eleuterio Carrillo

Restaurant: Apotheke



Peach puree, Perfect Puree

Pomegranate seeds

Red habanero peppers



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