Amazing to the Core: Meet Hudson River Fruit Distributors

Amazing to the Core: Meet Hudson River Fruit Distributors

Team Beet Sep 10 , 2021

For many of us, when we think of fall, apples pop into our heads before anything else. And, because around here, we always love local, we wanted to introduce you to Hudson River Fruit Distributors, a family-founded business that started with, and continues to have, big dreams.

Since its 1963 beginnings, four generations of the Albinder family have been on a mission to produce the best apples in the northeast. Now, in 2021, they’ve expanded to be one of the largest apple shippers on the East Coast, representing 75 growers and maintaining over 400 acres of their own land. Read on to learn a bit more about this Milton, NY company, their fruits, and a few apple details we were especially excited to add to our personal fall fact sheets. 

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From Apple Carts to Premier Distributor 

In 1932, following his immigration to the United States from Russia, Izzy Albinder began selling apples from a pushcart, and quickly recognized a need for both better apples, and for a better way to get them from the orchards to the sellers. His struggle soon became a gain to all his customers: Izzy worked tirelessly to establish partnerships with apple growers, giving him better control over the quality of apples he sold. 

Izzy’s success was evident and in the ‘60s, when his son, Harold, joined him, they worked together to transform the business from carts to an all-in company that not only sold, but also grew, packed, and shipped apples. By the mid-1970s Hudson River was farming over 1000 acres of land. They’ve continued to grow, both as a company, and with the number of family members involved in their day-to-day operations. Harold’s son, Dan, joined in the 1980s, and in the past decade, Dan’s children, Alisha and Marcus, have come on board, too. Throughout, they’ve held onto Izzy’s mission: To distribute, and now grow, the best apples available, in New York, and throughout the country. 

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All Eyes on Biodiversity

New York is the second largest apple growing state in the country, producing an average of 29.5 million bushels, annually. Hudson River Fruit Distributors is at the heart of this operation, with a few trademarks that set them apart from everyday growers, starting with sustainability (this isn’t surprising: As a fourth-generation grower, they’re committed to carving out a path to a future that mimics their history).

Hudson River utilizes organic practices and are constantly working to reduce their carbon footprint, with the goal of producing an environmentally-sustainable supply chain. Their farms play host to beehives, wildflowers, and plants, all welcome thanks to how heavily they benefit local biodiversity. 

As another biodiversity measure, Hudson River has placed ponds strategically throughout their orchards, and annually plant new trees, both of which contribute to conserving natural resources and minerals, as well as safeguarding the orchards going forward. 

Additionally, while they’re hugely invested in the quality of the apples they grow and distribute, they’re also hugely committed to getting this healthy, vitamin- and nutrient-packed fruit into the hands of families, kids, and chefs, truly seeing apples as a miracle fruit. 

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Apples to Keep an Eye on

We all know that apples are good for us – the phrase, An apple a day, keeps the doctor away didn’t come from nowhere. But, did you know that besides their high fiber content (known for contributing to lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and heart disease risk), and their antioxidants, which have been shown to lower your risk of type 2 diabetes, one single apple contains 14% of our recommended daily intake of vitamin C? Good for all of us to know going into fall. 

Hudson River has always been particularly passionate about the health benefits, and of course, the flavor and texture of their apples. They offer over 20 varieties, many of which we carry, including their SnapDragon Monster Crunch, which is unsurprisingly, a super crisp option with a hint of spice, the RubyFrost, with sweet-tart crunch, and the EverCrisp, which is sweet, and as its name implies, infinitely crisp.

Explore all Hudson River Fruit Distributors apples, here (varieties will be updated throughout the season). 

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