The Easiest Way to Do Good This Holiday Season

The Easiest Way to Do Good This Holiday Season

Cecilia Estreich Dec 14 , 2015

The holidays are here and we’re in the giving spirit. We hope that you are too because we’re running two fundraising campaigns that make supporting the Edible Schoolyard as easy as going online.  Beginning on Tuesday, December 14th, we’re offering a $10k matching gift to the Edible Schoolyard.  This means that every dollar you contribute to the organization will become two until we reach the first $10k.  To donate to the Edible Schoolyard NYC through Crowdrise, please visit their page here.

Through the end of 2015, you can also support the organization’s fight against childhood obesity simply by placing your regular orders on the new  Since the website launched in May, Baldor has donated a portion of the proceeds from every order placed online to Edible Schoolyard NYC.  Please help us raise as much money as possible before this initiative ends on December 31st—sign up to order on the new website today by reaching out to your sales person or emailing us at

About Edible Schoolyard

Established in 2010, Edible Schoolyard NYC is a nonprofit organization committed to solving our childhood obesity crisis through a seed to table education program. Today nearly 50% of NYC’s public elementary school students are obese or overweight. They’re part of the first generation of children forecast to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.

As the first official Edible Schoolyard affiliate in the Northeast, Edible Schoolyard NYC partners with public schools in low-income areas to build, maintain and staff garden and kitchen classrooms—all right on the school premises. Their program is integrated into the school day in order to equip students with the hands-on knowledge, skills and environment to teach kids healthy eating habits that they can enjoy and share for a lifetime.


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