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Though usually associated with Christmas, quince last now well into February. Because it is a fruit that requires long, slow cooking, we think there's no better time to try it than winter. Infuse your rooms with the pungent, floral aroma of simmering quince - a combination guava, Bartlett pear, pineapple & vanilla combined. The sugar-sweetened flesh softens & turns a translucent roseate-pink when cooked - like a tropical sunset in the pot. Simply cube (don't need to peel or core first) and boil hour in water until the cubes soften. Drain, strain, and return to pot with generous amount of sugar, a pinch of cinnamon and a vanilla bean. Let simmer for half an hour more, stirring occasionally to prevent sticking. Because quince contains so much pectin it is traditionally cooked into jellies, butters and preserves and makes a delicious paste to accompany hard cheeses. You can also develop its delicate taste by poaching whole in white wine and topping with chopped pistachios and crème fraiche. Stew cubed quince with butter and sugar and add to simple desserts like pound cake or to intensify a crumble topping.

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