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A member of our Urban Roots family of food, this Kale and Tahini Cauliflower Rice Kit creates a deep-tasting cauliflower-based dish with a Middle Eastern flair. Cauliflower rice, kale, sun dried tomatoes, red cabbage, pumpkin seeds, and lemon tahini sauce blend to create a crunchy, savory meal with a light hint of citrus.
Ready in about 10 minutes, this kit makes a perfect side or main dish.

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Size: 6 X 11.5 OZ
Country of Origin:
Urban Roots
Urban Roots was created by people who love vegetables, for people who love vegetables. It also was created for people who seek out high quality farm freshness no matter their knife skills, how little time they have, or how few tools they have in their kitchen. Our products are prepped in HAACP... Learn more about Urban Roots

Kale and Tahini Cauliflower Rice Kits

6 X 11.5 OZ
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Kale and Tahini Cauliflower Rice Kits


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