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Paccheri are a typical pasta from the Campania region. They're recommended for pasta dishes served with dense, hearty meat ragùs such as Neapolitan ragù which gets snared inside the hollow tubes. Alternatively, Paccheri can be enjoyed in oven-baked dishes with cheese and tomato sauce or with rich shrimp or octopus sauces.

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Size: 4 X 5 LB
Country of Origin:
Delverde Fara San Martino Italy

Produced in the Abruzzo region of Italy, famed for its pasta making, Delverde creates the finest, most delicious pasta. Pasta made with passion, the traditional way. Combining pure, mineral water from the local River Verde with the highest quality durum wheat semolina, Delverde uses only... Learn more about Delverde

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Orecchiette Pasta

4 X 5 LB
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