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Truffles are one of the worlds most complex and enticing foods. They add the maturity and complexity that refined diners crave. In this all natural product, the rich flavor properties of the white truffle, also known as the fruit of the woods, is mixed with olive oil. It takes only a few drops to make a rich enhancement to the flavor of salad, pasta, risotto, fried eggs, mushroom dishes and mashed potatoes

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Size: 12 X 3.5 OZ
Country of Origin:
Sabatino Tartufi

Italy has an ancient heart. At the heart, in Umbria, a region of woods and hills, the land offers one of its most mysterious and precious fruits: the truffle. Truffles are an underground fungus, first discovered in Roman times, which can only be found thanks to its aroma.

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White Truffle Oil

12 X 3.5 OZ
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