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Frisee is actually a curly endive created by blanching (growing away from light until almost fully grown). It is loved for its slight bitterness, lacy appearance and chewy, sturdy texture. The outer leaves are green and somewhat prickly like chicory. They surround the heart like a halo - which features yellow-white serrated strands of indescribable delicacy with a color and flavor that echoes endive.

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Size: 12 X 5 OZ
Country of Origin:
United States of America
Satur Farms
Consider Satur Farms owners Chef Eberhard Müller and his wife Paulette Satur the “salad specialists.” They grow the finest baby leaf and leafy greens on their 160 acres of sandy loam soil in Long Island, NY. During winter months, they grow in the mild Florida climate to allow for... Learn more about Satur Farms
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12 X 5 OZ
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